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Why we're doing this

We wanted to give everyone a bit of an insight into why we decided to set up this campaign. We are three recent graduates from different universities. Nky put out a message in a Facebook group at the end of July this year, asking for help with the campaign. Josie and I were some of the people who responded, and we're so glad we did. We now get to work with a lovely group of people on a topic we're all incredibly passionate about. Read on to find out why tackling sexual violence at UK universities is so important to us.

Nky : (Founder)

I wanted to do this campaign because as a young person and woman I was constantly being told that there was nothing I could do about injustice. To a young woman who never felt they could turn a blind eye to any form of suffering or exploitation of others this was really empowering. As I got older and gained more skills in campaigning and advocacy I started learning that we can all be a part of making change, as a part of the campaign if I can be instrumental in changing rape culture just a bit and to prevent another person becoming a victim / survivor / perpetrator, I’ll have achieved my goal.

Lara: (Head of Research)

My former university claims to have no tolerance for sexual misconduct, but its actions tell a very different story. My classmates had to turn to the media when the university refused to support them, which no doubt ruined their university experience and caused them a huge amount of pain. They are not the only ones. All around the country, students have had to stand in front of disciplinary panels and discuss their sexual assaults, only for their university to dismiss their claims. To question how drunk they were, what they were wearing, whether they said no. But never to question the actions of the alleged perpetrator. And this means that too many people suffer in silence.

Josie: (Head of Social Media)

I wanted to get involved in this campaign because as a student, I noticed that sexual harassment and misconduct often just go unnoticed and unspoken about despite contradictorily, everyone knowing of stories of or having experienced it happen. Universities need to be called out and challenged on whether their procedures and responses go beyond just good PR or ticking a tokenistic policy box. Being able to contribute what I can to exposing the stories and policy flaws that continue to put pressure on universities to commit to making campuses safer and completely intolerant of sexual harassment feels important to me. Beyond that, I’ve been able to use my free time in a really rewarding way and meet a lovely group of people doing the same thing in the process!

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