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Reclaim the Campus Campaign


As well as trying to spotlight issues of sexual violence within UK higher education settings, we use our platform to highlight issues of racism and racialised sexual violence.


It's a Continent Podcast

This podcast is one of my favourite finds of 2020. It tackles heavy issues of colonisation, genocide and corruption and makes them accessible and engaging. At times, it also makes them funny. The two hosts, Chinny and Astrid, aim to dispel the myth that Africa is a country and highlight the continent’s diversity. They expertly point out the hypocrisies and crimes of colonial powers, illustrating how their actions have shaped Africa today, but also explain how countries like Rwanda have rebuilt themselves into more equal societies. They don’t shy away from the issues that African countries currently face, but nor do they reduce the continent to one that needs saving. 


Paraphrased quote from the Burkina Faso episode:


“They didn’t need to be told it was Christmas in Africa, because they had calendars like everyone else!

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