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Reclaim the Campus Campaign


A campaign ran by students (and recent graduates) for students - to address the prominent issue of sexual harassment and assault in Higher Education.

Reclaim the Campus is a campaign designed to address the widespread issue of sexual harassment, assault and rape on university campuses across the UK. The name Reclaim the Campus is inspired by the well-known Reclaim the Night campaign, which demanded night-time safety and access for women across the UK. Ran by students a generation removed, we demand that UK Universities are safe and free from sexual violence for everyone.

Recent statistics have shown students to be at more than double the risk of sexual assault than the wider population average, an indication of the increasingly dangerous environment at UK institutions. Our campaign is an inclusive one, acknowledging that anyone is at risk of sexual violence, regardless of factors of gender identity or sexual orientation, whilst recognising that is an issue predominately affecting young women, as well as other lived experiences at intersections. 

Split into three focus areas, we are looking to address the concealment, lack of accountability and lack of transparency around this issue. To address these issues, we have opened this platform for people to share their experiences, and are working on a policy facing approach to tackle systematic drivers of these issues.



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