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Self Care: The Resources That Have Helped Us

We asked our volunteers what books, podcasts and apps have helped them through a hard time, inspired them or changed their mindset. Here is what they recommended:


Notes On A Nervous Planet - Matt Haig

I read this book at a time when I was struggling with recovering from a period of anxiety and managing to focus my brain on reading was a task in itself! I found the book amazing though for really explaining what that cliche phrase ‘living in the present’ actually means and why it’s important. The book goes through different aspects of anxiety in modern living and Haig relates back to his own personal experiences giving you hope that many of us have the same struggles, and it is possible to overcome them. I highly recommend reading this and have already started giving it out to friends!

Good Vibes, Good Life- Vex King

This book is all about changing your perspective on life and has nice short aesthetic quotes throughout and practical advice.

Atomic Habits- James Clear

This book helped me form good habits and actually stick to them. Good when you find yourself in a rut and also good post uni trying to navigate not having so much structure in your life.


Podcast: How Not to Travel Pod

Hosted by How not to travel like a basic bitch

The host talks about travelling in a novel and educational perspective. It will change your perception of traveling and help you learn how to travel with the least harm to the environment and local people. There is a lot of useful and interesting information for you to reflect on! Learning and reflecting on new different perspectives can help you change a mindset and allow you to have a break from your pressuring daily routines.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Hearing others' stories on their failures and how they overcame them really helps you to put into perspective that everyone goes through hard times and you can get through them.



This app has helped with my anxiety throughout the pandemic a great deal. It has resources and guidance for practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga which helps users de-stress and get a better night's sleep. I recommend this app to anyone that feels like they need to set aside time in their day to relax.

7 Cups

7 Cups is an app which has helped me a lot with my depression and anxiety. It is an online therapy/counselling app where everything is kept confidential. You can either pay for a professional or engage with it for free with volunteer listeners. It can be one-on-one; however, you can also post on forums and speak on group chats. Since it’s a free app it’s a great solution for those who are looking for free counselling options. On another hand, being a volunteer listener is also a powerful experience since helping others can bring joy.

Other Resources:

Chayn Resources

Chayn is an organisation using technology to support survivors and those experiencing abuse by offering the information they need to support in taking control of their lives. On their website you can find free guides, resources and services around self care during and following difficult times.

This is a Youtube channel that uploads mindfulness content. My favourite videos are the 10-minute sessions focused on specific topics, such as learning to let go. This is a great channel for anyone with limited time who needs to feel some calm.

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