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October Summary

Here at Reclaim the Campus, we’ve spent October focusing on Black History Month. We’ve spoken about our favourite Black British activists, shared student experiences of racism and blogged about how racism shapes the Higher Education sector. We want to continue with this work into November, and beyond. We will keep sharing stories and blog posts, and start sharing resources that have either helped us speak out about our own experiences, or learn more about Black history. It’s important that our campaign is as inclusive as possible. So, in November, we will turn our attention to the subject of male survivors of sexual assault. Media coverage is often female-centered. Whilst this is of course incredibly important, we feel that men may have a harder time speaking up. We want to open up the conversation. We will use our platform to share stories, promote research findings and the idea that all experiences are valid, regardless of gender or sexuality. We’re also open to collaborating. If you are a male survivor of sexual assault, or work with them, get in touch! As ever, please submit your anonymous stories through our submissions form. We particularly welcome contributions from men and people from racially minoritized backgrounds:

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