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November Summary

Over November we’ve turned our attention to male survivors of sexual assault. We’ve shown that sexual violence can affect anyone, regardless of their gender, but acknowledge that shame and bias towards female survivors can often prevent men from coming forward. This isn’t good enough. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard. For this reason, we’d love to get some men involved in our campaign! Send us a DM or email for more info, if you’d like to share your own story or contribute to our research.

We’re also accepting blog pitches! If you’d like to write about anything related to sexual violence, both on and off-campus, then get in touch!

As ever, please submit your anonymous stories through our submissions form. We particularly welcome contributions from men and people from racially minoritized backgrounds:

In other news, we’ve grown both our following and team of volunteers. We’re really excited to have lots of new faces on board and to turn our attention to creating our 16 days series. The 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence initiative from the UN aims to promote gender equality by raising awareness of how women and girls are disproportionately affected by gender-based violence. Here at RTC, we wanted to put our own spin on it. Alongside sharing our research into universities’ sexual misconduct policies, we’ll also promote survivors’ stories and research into better protecting women and girls. We’re also planning some exciting collabs, so keep your eyes peeled for those. To end the year, we’ll share some self-care resources. We know this year has been so difficult for so many, so wanted to end it with some positivity.


The RTC team

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