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Monthly Update #1

Hello from Reclaim the Campus and welcome to the first of our monthly updates. In September, we got our social media accounts up and running. We’ve been sharing survivors’ stories, back to uni resources and articles about recent cases of sexual harassment at UK unis. We’ve also been planning our content for October. Time and time again, we have stumbled across issues of racism in our research. Like misogyny, racism at university is often hidden in plain sight. Universities have often been reluctant to confront the issue, making campuses unsafe spaces for members of marginalised communities. In October, we will be focusing on the issue for Black History Month. We will pass the mic to students from marginalised backgrounds and share their stories and also highlight the achievements of our favourite Black British activists. We’re really excited to share these stories with you. If there’s something you’d like us to feature, or if you want to learn more about our campaign, get in touch via our social media: Instagram: @reclaimthecampus Facebook: Reclaim the Campus LinkedIn: Reclaim the Campus Campaign

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