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July Summary

Over July, we've been taking a little step back from some of the heavier topics we usually share and focusing on self care, for self care day on the 29th of July. This is especially fitting as we recognise that students will be tired, recovering, or celebrating as it comes to the end of the academic year. We want to send a huge congratulations to those who have graduated. You got through a difficult through years, whatever the end result was. And for those who are feeling more relieved than excited, or worried about the next steps, remember our DMs are always open.

Over August we will be sharing the results of some of our research into colleges. We started this campaign looking at 'Higher Education' so want to turn our focus away from universities so that we are able to cover this umbrella. We've carried out the same methodology that we did for the 41 UK Universities on UK colleges and will be sharing the results across social media.

Love RTC x

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