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January Summary

After a much-needed Christmas break, we’re back! January was a very exciting time for us. We started revamping our social media, put up the first posts in our Dictionary Series and had a meeting about joining a national coalition with Not On My Campus, Pro-Empower and Heart This Bold Voice. Working with them will give us the opportunity to collaborate and amplify our voices, raising as much awareness about sexual misconduct as we can. Stay tuned!

Something else we’re proud of is our focus on staff sexual harassment at UK Univerisites, both against students and other colleagues. Research shows that this issue can be grossly unreported, with as many as 54% of female staff members experiencing unwanted sexual advances at work. Researchers like the 1752 Group are trying to change this. Our recent post covered this more in detail, but rest assured, the Group works tirelessly to both raise awareness of and eradicate the issue.

So, what else do we have planned?

For starters, we will be sharing information about domestic abuse as part of the Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week in February. We’ll also continue with our Dictionary and RTC Reviews series. In due course, you will also be able to read two blog posts that we’ve written for Our Streets Now, discussing the prevalence of groping in Higher Education and why we started our campaign. We’ll post links to these in due course.

Don’t forget to check out our blog

And, if you choose, you can share your anonymous experience of sexual misconduct at a UK uni with us. This helps us gather data on the issue, but we won’t share this with anyone else and anything we post on our platforms will not include identifying details.

We particularly welcome contributions from men and people from racially minoritized backgrounds:



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