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February Summary

Our February highlight was helping Our Streets Now launch their new campaign. #StudentsNotObjects focuses on issues of Public Sexual Harassment in Higher Education, encouraging unis to tackle this by recruiting student ambassadors from universities across the country. At RTC, we got to play our part. We wrote a blog post about our own campaign work and Lara shared her own experience of PSH, so head to their blog to check out our work. On 24th February we did an Instagram takeover on their stories and took part in their panel event with other organisations like the Good Lad Initiative on 26th February. Thanks to OSN for having us!

Over on our channels, we continued with our Dictionary Series about terminology surrounding sexual misconduct at universities and shared domestic abuse resources for Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness Week.

In March, we’ll be sharing content for International Women’s Day and taking a closer look about racism in UK universities: what it is, how it impacts students and what we can do about it.



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